Pigeon Point Packing List

The weather on the coast is likely to be quite variable. We may experience warm, sunny days, dripping fog, chilly evenings, rain, or a combination of them all! Those students who are well prepared for all types of weather will be the most comfortable and best able to enjoy their experience at Pigeon Point. Clothing that is comfortable, warm and functional is much more important than stylish outfits. Please follow the list below closely, as it has been compiled after many years of programs. Please limit your luggage to one sleeping bag, one suitcase or duffel bag, and one day pack. Please be sure to label everything!

Essential Equipment

**Bring a bag lunch for the first day**
Waterproof rain gear Water bottle
Sleeping bag OR sheet + blanket Warm Hat (preferably wool)
Garbage bag for wet clothes Day pack or book bag
Winter quality coat Sunscreen
Warm sweater or sweatshirt Ball cap or hat with visor
2 long-sleeve shirts Lip Balm
3 pairs long pants Toothbrush and toothpaste
Warm sleepwear Washcloth, towel and soap
3 t-shirts Shampoo, comb or brush
4 pairs of socks Flashlight with new batteries
4 sets underwear
1 pair comfortable walking shoes (close-toed)
1 or 2 pairs of close-toed shoes that can get wet (for beach/tidepools)
Pillowcase (if you are not sending a pillow, please provide 1 case)

Optional Equipment

Camera and film (Please label and send batteries)
Gloves or Mittens
Stationary and stamps
Shower sandals

Please Do Not Bring

Food (except first lunch)
Gum or candy
Curling irons
ANY electronic item or toy (except camera, watch, flashlight)