Pigeon Point Staff

The amazing staff at Exploring New Horizons at Pigeon Point always has extensive experience in the field of outdoor education. These naturalists are also musicians, puppeteers, storytellers, wildlife experts, and cooks. All are college graduates and certified in First Aid and CPR as well.

Heidi / “Tigerlily”

Tigerlily grew up playing outside and enjoying nature in the Adirondack Mountains of Upstate New York and Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies from the University of North Carolina-Asheville. Tigerlily studied abroad at the University of Ghana-Legon taking Cultural Studies and lived in Costa Rica on a permaculture farm after collage. She still enjoys traveling abroad as well as locally in California. She especially loves swimming in and camping by rivers, lakes, and hot springs with her dog. When she is not on adventures in nature with students Tigerlily enjoys gardening, cooking, and dancing.

Nereyeda / “Seed”

Seed was born and raised in the strange and wonderful land of Southern California. She migrated north to UC Santa Cruz for college where she studied community organizing and social justice. In 2009 Seed had the incredible good fortune of being hired as an intern naturalist at Exploring New Horizons. Nourished by the land and the wonderful ENH community, Seed’s roots grew deep into the ground and her profound love for nature blossomed. She is now playing the role of administrator, as the Assistant Director. She is continually inspired by the magical combination of youth and nature. In her free time Seed enjoys playing guitar, looking for whales, listening for woodpeckers, and exploring the forest and creek with Caleaf, her amazing 4 year-old son.

Eleanor / “Luna Moth”

staff-pigeonpoint-eleanor-v2Luna Moth grew up in Alexandria, Virginia and is a graduate of Duke University. She received a B.S. in Biology with a concentration in Ecology, and a B.A. in Earth and Ocean Science. She studied at the Duke University Marine Laboratory for a semester where she took classes on marine invertebrates, marine animal physiology, and a travel course to Puerto Rico and St. Croix to study the biology of sea turtles. Luna Moth also studied ecology and conservation in South Africa with the Organization for Tropical Studies where she conducted research in Kruger National Park and did a final research project on avian malaria. She returned to South Africa to work with a non-profit called The Nsasani Trust and started an environmental education and outreach program for rural high school students interested in Life Sciences. Luna Moth enjoys hiking, backpacking, running and rock climbing. She loves birding and is always interested in identifying new birds. She also likes water coloring, singing and playing the banjo.


staff-pigeonpoint-mollyMolly was born and raised in the small capital of Vermont. She joins the Pigeon Point staff for her 9th year as a naturalist in the Santa Cruz Mountains. When she is not exploring the forest and coast with youngsters of the greater Bay Area, Molly enjoys backpacking and sleeping in hammocks, reading and playing cards by kerosene light, playing with animals of any size – especially pigs – canoeing and drinking coffee.

Nate/ “Nudibranch”

Nate Secrest grew up in Lakeport, CA. He is a graduate of Guilford College NC with a B.S. in Biology and Health Science where he studied advanced ornithology, vertebrate field zoology and aided in salamander and invertebrate field research projects. In college, Nate worked as a Sustainability Representative where he planned educational events, designed projects and informed students about sustainability practices on campus. Nate was a Nature and Hiking Instructor at the Cal-Explorer Camp in Berkeley where he worked with 4-6 year olds and created a lesson to help students recognize various bird calls. As Head Counselor at the Berkeley Peace Camp he worked with 5-12 year olds leading sports, hikes, swimming, singing, drama and teaching conflict resolution. Nate has continued these leadership roles at Quaker Service Camp in Ben Lomond, CA for the past 10 summers. Last summer he lead numerous programs for children, including: beach trips, campfires, educational hikes, sports and team building activities. His fluency in Spanish comes from 5 years of Spanish class and 11 total months of immersion split between El Salvador and Panama. Nate enjoys, Yoga, rock climbing, disc golf, ultimate and surfing. He has played music all his life including choir for 5 years and drums for 13 years.