EEUS Program

In 2000, Exploring New Horizons Outdoor Schools began the Environmental Education for Underserved Students (EEUS) Program, which raises funds to cover outdoor school expenses for young people from low-income families so they may enjoy outdoor education in the majestic redwoods and on the vibrant coast with their classmates.

Many of the Bay Area’s low-income students have never seen a redwood tree let alone the ocean. The EEUS Program works tirelessly to provide equal opportunity and financial support to Northern California students from low-income families to attend outdoor school and have access to our enriching program. We strive to increase all young people’s awareness and understanding of the beauty and diversity of nature and each other.

Exploring New Horizons’s EEUS Program serves up to 1,200 students. Exploring New Horizons actively raises the funds through individual donations, government grants, foundation grants and reduced program fees to support the program. The majority of the Program funding is dedicated to qualifying classes from underserved schools. However, Exploring New Horizons also provides support to individual students from low-income families that attend more affluent schools.

How Can You Help

Our program provides educational and personal enrichment experiences designed to open doors of opportunity for underserved young people in order to help them succeed in school and become productive, self-sufficient members of society. Please donate and help support our EEUS Program and ensure that all students have the opportunity to participate in Exploring New Horizons Outdoor Schools.