We would like to extend a tremendous THANK YOU!!! to the following groups and individuals for their exceptional generosity toward Exploring New Horizons Outdoor Schools.

Granting Agencies

Dean Witter Foundation
Save the Redwoods League
Clif Bar Family Foundation
Dean and Margaret Lesher Foundation
Santa Cruz Fish & Game
The Quaker Hill Foundation

Current Individual Donors

Coastal Oak
Robert Christiansen
Joanne Greenebaum
Dan Irelan
Holly Nelson
Kathleen Wheater

Redtail Hawk
Christine Brown
Andrew Cerri
Allison Collins
Lisa Crossett
Geoff Garinger
Annabelle Reber

Monarch Butterfly
Brett Arata
Rick Crossett
Jia Han
Jane Veneman
Michelle Young Read

Banana Slug

Kyle Barbary
Sierra Boyd
Sam Boyarsky
Carol Cohen
Lisa Duncan
Carole Garinger
Carrie Gordon
Sid Greenbaum
Joanna Hildebrandt
Philip Mancini
Julie Miner
Nancy Myers
Marlene Salon
Signe Sather-Blair
David Shapiro
Donald Shortridge
Susan Snyder-Johnson
Buzz Valente
Ann Veneman
Linda Weiss
Robert & Ariel Witbeck

Eric Brettner
Jennifer Castelluccio
Stacey Coleman
Harriet Crossett
Shelly Goulder
Allegonda Grob
Tyler Hubbs
Craig Peters & Maureen DeBoer
Sidney Tynan

Jared Baker
Tori Barnes
Beverly Cherner
Rebecca Graff
Don Smith
Margaret Veneman

In-Kind Supporters

Sustainable Seed Company

Exploring New Horizons gladly accepts contributions and donations toward our scholarship fund and/or capital improvements. Check out our how to donate page for numerous ways to support Exploring New Horizons.