Board of Directors

Are you interested in contributing to Exploring New Horizons Outdoor Schools? Consider joining the Board of Directors and give you insight, dedication and expertise so that Exploring New Horizons can continue to provide dynamic environmental education programs to the youth of Northern California. See how you can get involved and make a difference to Exploring New Horizons Outdoor Schools and youth today.

072m Tracey Weiss, Executive Director, has been Exploring New Horizon’s Executive Director since 2006. With 16+ years of experience in environmental education, she uses her passion for environmental education to inspire and engage youth and their adults to become stewards of California’s natural world. Throughout her professional career, Tracey has been dedicated to serving youth, the environment, and developing strategically sound nonprofits. Her passion for the environment started at a young age with the Girl Scouts. She grew up within the organization and is still an active camper. Tracey continued to help girls ‘grow strong’ as the Outdoor Program Director for the Girl Scouts of Northern California, and International Groups while living in Germany and the United Kingdom. Her many experiences providing outdoor education opportunities for youth range from taking high school students on environmental tours of Belize, creating a new national model for marine science education at Camp SEA Lab, and working as the Camp Director at Skylark Ranch Girl Scout Camp.

Tracey is an active member with the Northern California American Camp Association, serves on the Environmental Literacy Task Force for the California Department of Education, and is the Vice President of the Board of Directors for the California Association for Environmental and Outdoor Education. She possesses in-depth knowledge and experience in leading both the complex day-to-day operations of our organization as well as guiding its vision, growth, and unique corporate culture.


Andrew Cerri, President works in the healthcare industry for Genentech. He has experience in financial modeling, industry research/analytics, and strategic planning/management. His grandmother taught him from a young age that two of the most important things in life are health and education. Exploring New Horizons promotes both of these; as educating today’s youth about protecting the environment will help us keep future generations healthy. Andrew remembers his science camp experiences with fondness, and has a close connection with nature from family camping trips, his time in the Boy Scouts of America, and other travels.[email]

Uli Mueller, Vice President Uli Mueller is an executive coach with over 20 years of experience in human and systems dynamics. Uli works with leaders from Fortune 100 companies to entrepreneurs, providing them with action-oriented and transformational coaching. She encourages her clients to take charge of their lives and to deliberately align their actions and behaviors with the impact they desire to create in both work and life. Her coaching is practical and down to earth, and aims to make an immediate difference in their leadership effectiveness. She provides her clients with guidance and techniques to help them more effectively lead and manage their business or areas of responsibility. To contact Uli, you can reach her at 510-393-5779 or via [email].

Allison Collins, Secretary Allison works as a school administrator in the Pajaro Valley Unified School District. She comes from a background in outdoor education having worked with San Joaquin Outdoor School and Santa Cruz County Outdoor Science School. Her love always lies in the woods where the most meaningful learning takes place. She is excited to be able to continue to give back to an organization which means so much to her, Exploring New Horizons Outdoor School.[email]

Michael Cohen, Treasurer works in business development at Facebook and is focused on bringing internet connectivity to the two-thirds of the worlds population without access. His first outdoor memories are walking the trails at Briar Bush, his childhood nature center. As the son of a lifelong teacher and brother to an outdoor educator, he was drawn to support Exploring New Horizons. His prior professional experience includes corporate development at Facebook, co-founding a middle market investment fund and working for Cameron Corporation in a variety of strategy, marketing, M&A, and operations roles. Michael has completed Six Sigma Greenbelt training, and holds degrees in Chemical Engineering and Economics from Rice University, and an MBA from Harvard Business School. [email]


Joanne Greenebaum is a retired 5th grade teacher from Valley View Elementary School in Pleasanton, California. Joanne taught for 34 years and brought her classes to Exploring New Horizons Outdoor Schools since ENH’s first year of providing outdoor education programs in 1981. [email]

Jared Baker is a former Exploring New Horizons naturalist who grew up in the Bay Area and spent many weekends hiking with his family in the Santa Cruz mountains as a child. He attended outdoor school as a student in the 5th grade at Walden West Outdoor School where his eyes brightened with recognition that the outdoors would forever be a place of joy for him. Jared is currently a 5th grade teacher in Sausalito. He has taught in 3 countries and speaks 3 languages. He believes that Exploring New Horizons gives students a wonderful experience that links them with the natural world in the same way that it did for him. [email]

Kathy Wheater Kathi is a senior content strategist and marketing professional. Kathi has served on other nonprofit boards to help organizations and leaders tell their stories and connect with their audiences. She works from a place of authenticity, power and engagement Kathi is excited to share her marketing skills with leadership of Exploring New Horizons. [email]

Jia Han Jia shares her skills and experience as a lawyer with Exploring New Horizons. After completing her Law degree at UCLA Jia currently works with Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr in Palo Alto. Jia looks forward to sharing her passion for empowering youth in the arena of social justice and getting out in her free time. Jia speaks fluent Mandarin Chinese and likes to hike in her spare time.[email]

Anne Baker Anne Baker is an assistant professor of political science at Santa Clara University specializing in American Politics. She has applied experience in campaign finance, elections administration, and lobbying as a consequence of time spent working on the Hill and projects undertaken while obtaining her Ph.D. from the University of Notre Dame and a masters degree in Government Administration from the University of Pennsylvania. She enjoys a variety of outdoor sports, particularly hiking and backpacking and is a National Outdoor Leadership School alumna. She has fond memories of outdoor programs and numerous camping trips with her family. Her interest in outdoor education stems from these experiences. [email]