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I am interested in becoming a Counselor for ENH.

I am already signed up to be a counselor and need more info about what to expect.


I am interested in becoming a Counselor for ENH and need to apply

Thank you for your interest in becoming a counselor with Exploring New Horizons. As an Outdoor School counselor you are a role model for 5th and 6th grade students during their week at our program. Students come for either a 4 or 5-day program in which they hike among old-growth redwoods, along our majestic coastlines and have the opportunity to explore our beautiful organic garden. As a counselor, you will participate in all these activities and more!

How to Apply

Thank you for volunteering! Before attending outdoor school all counselors need to print out and complete the four page application. While you can fill this out before printing the application, you will need to print it because it requires some signatures. Please take time to review this information, as incomplete applications cannot be accepted. Once complete, turn your paperwork in to the Program Coordinator. This can be done by scanning and sending via email, taking a very clear photo on your phone and sending that via email, or by asking someone at your school’s office to help you. If your school uses a fax machine, please fax your application to (650) 879-1539. If you have any questions related to your application, please email the Program Coordinator as soon as possible so that we can provide support with plenty of notice

Once complete, you can turn your paperwork in to the Program Coordinator.

Benefits of Being a Counselor

Not only do counselors earn community service hours, but at the end of the week high school students can get reference letters for college or summer camp jobs as well. This is also a great way to give back to your community and to be a role model for a 5th or 6th grade student. We have found that many high school students feel more empowered after their week of being a counselor and some have even gone on to get a job after college as an Exploring New Horizons Naturalist.

Counselor Responsibilities

As an Outdoor School Counselor you will be in charge of a group of 7-12 fifth or sixth grade students. This means you will be staying in the cabin with the students, getting them to meals on time, helping to supervise meals and recreation time, and going on hikes where our Naturalists teach lessons on environmental science and team-building.

We always strive to have boys in boys cabins and girls in girls cabins. Should we not have the appropriate gender ratio to meet this goal, we will work with the teachers to put the best candidate in each cabin to ensure a positive experience for the participating students. We always have female counselors in girl cabins and strive to have male counselors in boy cabins.

Counselor Training

Our Program Coordinator comes to many Bay Area High Schools to recruit counselors for one of our 33+ weeks of program annually. Each high school has their individual requirements for participation, but each counselor has to complete an application, participate in an interview and attend a training to help prepare you to work with the grade school students that attend Exploring New Horizons. The Counselor Interview and Training Workshop will last for a few hours after school.

If you are chosen as a counselor we will notify you within a few weeks following your interview. If selected, you will meet at the elementary or middle school in the morning on the first day of outdoor school and ride the bus with the students to program. Once you arrive at the outdoor school you will go through an on-site orientation and our staff is on hand 24 hours a day to support and mentor you with any questions you may have during your stay.

If you are interested in becoming a counselor please contact the Program Coordinator at the site you are most interested in, or complete the form below. We operate 30+ weeks each year, so if you want to participate and are not sure when our staff is coming to your school, please contact us! We will contact you soon to get you signed up to volunteer for a week!

Sempervirens: Lauren Johnson (831) 338-3013
Loma Mar: Yun Ho (650) 879-0608

I am already signed up to be a counselor and need more info about what to expect.

You can view the Packing List to help you pack and prepare for what to bring. Take a moment and familiarize yourself with the schedule for the week of outdoor school. View the Loma Mar Schedule and Sempervirens Schedule.

As you are preparing for your week remember that you’ll need to bring lunch for the first day, snacks you may want during your time off, a watch (there’s no cell service) and a raincoat.

Please read the Counselor Survival Guide to help you prepare for your first time at outdoor school.